Download PUBG Gfx Tool & Config Files for 60FPS (Smooth, HDR)

Are you searching for the best Pubg gfx and config files so that you can get 60fps? If yes then you are in the right place.

If your device is low end and you can not play Pubg mobile smoothly on your device then this article might be helpful to you. We will be sharing all the best config files that are available to bring you the most smooth gameplay on your device.

Being a Pubg mobile player, a device is the most important thing to decide your skills and gameplay, having a poor device often leads to an early death.

There are lots of methods to increase performance, but we have discussed that we think are the best.

1. Using the GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile Using gfx you can improve your Pubg mobile performance to a great extent. By default Pubg mobile allows minimal settings to users to low-end devices. You can not change the texture qualities, so it makes difficult to run on old devices. But with the gfx tool, you can easily change every setting of Pubg mobile.

There are a few advantages…

Coin Master Free Cards Links 2019 - Get Golden Cards!

Hello friends, are you searching for coin master free card links? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place. This article is about how you can free cards such as gold cards and lots of different to complete your set.

Coin master is one of the grossing games right now. We will discuss the working methods to get coin master gold cards for free.

We will tell you all the legit methods to get gold cards, all the generators that you see on the internet are fake and we highly recommend you not to try.

What is a Golden Card? Before proceeding in the further game you have to complete the set. Each whole set will give you free rewards such as spins and coins. You have to collect all the cards to complete the set and advance to the next level. 
Completing each collection will give you free rewards such as free spins, coins, and even pets. The rewards depend on the rarity of the cards. Methods to get Coin Master Free Cards There are several working methods to get free cards, we will …

1669+ PUBG Names, Clan Names, Nicknames, Crew Names [Stylish, Funny]

Are you searching for the best PUBG names, clan names, nicknames with different styles? If yes then you are in the right place. This article is all about PUBG stylish, funny and cool names. So if you are in this article then you are absolutely a PUBG mobile player. The game has become so much popular and became an esports opportunity to the Indian gaming players and audience.

The basic and the most important part being as an esports or a normal gamer is the Name. It represents you and your identity, your skills and overall fame.

Being myself as a gamer, I can understand the importance of a good name. So here we are with the list of all PUBG mobile best names, clan names, and nicknames including special characters.

How to Change PUBG Mobile Player Name? If you are a pro player then most probably you have once changed the name, for those of you who are new in the game, you can follow the steps stated below.  First, open PUBGM and once logged in click on the inventory.There you will see …

Top 5 Best Domain Name Registrars in India 2020

Whether you need to make your business online or host a website for making money the most important thing that a user needs is a domain. There are many domain providers out there in the market, so you might be confused about what to choose. But don't worry we have comprehensibly covered all the details about the domain provider that is best in India.

Taking your business online is very important if you want to outreach your business. Choose your domain wisely is very important. A right domain name is very important as it will the brand name for your domain.

For those of you who are new in this field, domains are the address of the website where the companies and organizations host different types of cms through web hosting. A domain name is a URL pointing towards the IP address of websites.

There are a lot of domain providers but you have to choose who offers the best domains even at low prices. We are providing the lists of the best domain name provider in India. Let's go int…

[November] Pirate Kings Free Spins Coins & Daily Rewards

Hello Pirates, wassup I hope you all doing well. In this article, we will tell you how to get pirate kings free coins, spins, Daily rewards and much more. Pirate Kings is one of the trending games right now. You can play with your friends, attack other villages to steal resources and defend your village. Battle your friends for gold and be the no.1 pirate.

In pirate kings, you have to spin the wheel and go up for the spins and daily rewards. Using coins you can upgrade your villages. Upgrade the island to make it better, stronger and hard to be defeated. You can rob your friends loot by attacking their village. The game is itself is a bunch of fun and excitement, for more fun play with your friends and loot them.  
To attack their villages you need coins, so you need to receive daily bonuses to attack villages. So we are here to provide you daily Rewards, coin, and spins. The links that we give are daily updated and 100% working. 

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[100% Working] Bingo Bash Free Chips (No Surveys, 20+ Free Spins)

Are you searching for the Bingo Bash Free Chips? If yes then you are at the right place. Bingo Bash is one of the best bingo games. You can play your favorite 777 slots games like stars and too many other games also. Join the other players in the community and play games to gain huge rewards and bonuses.

In this article, you will get a lot of information about the Bingo Bash Free Chips with No survey. If you love the Bingo Bash Chips then this article can be helpful to you.

Why people Love Bingo Bash so much?
It is #1 bingo games that have interesting features and fortune with 777 slots machine games. You can outreach millions of people worldwide and has over 30+ ways to aggressively win the games. That is why the game is so much popular.

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How to Collect Free Chips? The process is very simple, just go to the link that we have listed below and from there you will be redirected to the game itself without any captcha, human verification or any o…

[100% Working] Teen Patti Gold Free Chips, TPG Promo Codes 2019

Are you searching for working ways to get teen Patti gold free chips? Well if your answer is yes then you are in the right place. This article is about how you can get 3 Patti free chips using promo codes and tips and tricks.
Teen Patti gold has become a very popular game in India. Not only India this game is widely played in other countries as well. This article is very helpful for teen Patti lovers, you will get known to amazing tips and tricks.

Teen Patti Free Chips & Promo Codes 

VIZC767 (15,000 Chips)
RJRA206 (5,000 Chips)
ISXB421 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 196 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 396 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 396 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 0096 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 596(5,000 Chips)
TIYO 094(5,000 Chips)
TIYO 0944 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 0964 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 0196 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 1096 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 2096 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 093 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 0921 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 0954 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 096(5,000 Chips)
TIYO 097(5,000 Chips)
TIYO 0900 (5,000 Chips)
TIYO 0900(5,000 Chips)
TIYO 0922(5,000 Chi…