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PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks to Become a Pro Player [Updated]

PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks to Become a Pro Player

Pubg mobile is one of the best and trending games right now. This game has over 50 Million + Downloads in both the google play store and app store. The game itself is a bunch of fun, excitement, thrills and most important action. The game has a vast terrain where players can show their true ability in terms of gaming and strategies. The game became so popular that no other game can stand within. Although Pubg mobile created a good opportunity for gamers in India. The rise of the gaming community arose with the release of Pubg mobile. The gaming community has grown and has been growing and great YouTubers such as Dynamo Gaming, Mortal doing well.

With increasing gamers and competition in the game, more and more people are searching for Pubg Mobile Tips & Tricks. So here we are with the best tricks and tips. The most important one that even Pro players suggest that rather than playing aggressively try to play to survive till the last, this increases your game time and you get more points.

Let's Begin

1. Choose where to land very carefully

It all depends on the location where you have landed. If you land in the crowded place your chances of survival are very less. A game of PUBG can last as long as half an hour, so instead of being killed in the begging choose where to land wisely.

2. Always See the mini-map

Mini-map helps you a lot in close range fight as to where is your enemy is shooting from. There are many advantages to seeing a mini-map. The mini-map can also be used to see nearby enemies from you.

3. To go Far Distances always use vehicles

if you want to go far distances, it's better to take a vehicle first. If you are playing in competitive tournaments then choosing vehicles instead of going on foot can even lead to the ultimate win. These strategies are used by the Indian pro player and players all around the globe. So always try to find the vehicle

4. Enable and Practice peek and fire

peek and the fire is an important feature, by this, you can learn and shoot your enemy without showing your full body. Exposing full body can get you huge damage so make sure you peak and fire.

5. Avoid going to crowded places to survive at the beginning

If you have just started playing Pubg mobile then chances of your survival t the popular place is very less. If you want to survive in the beginning, try not to go to crowded places such as geogopol, pochinki. Instead, try to go to small houses or areas on the map.

6. Never Engage in an ongoing battle

If you see and ongoing battle, don't rush like a noob because you don't know the exact locations of the enemy you might get shot from your back and the pronies hiding in the bushes. And also you don't know the exact location of your enemies, think thousand times before engaging.

7. Run in Zig-Zag Motion

 If you were shot or fired, never run straight try to run in a zig-zag motion to avoid bullet to hit you.
If you being seen and shot, your first priority is to run to a nearby cover not by running straight, instead of running in a straight line, try to jump, run in a zig-zag motion and keep in motion as much as possible to avoid bullet to hit your body.

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8. If you are taking fight always stay in cover

Don't be in open when taking fight, always stay in cover.

9. Always keep Grenades with you

Many of the noob players avoid taking grenades as they feel it's not important, but grenades are very useful in fights and squad house rushes. Grande help in squads rushes and helps to kill the campers in the houses.

10. Practice in the training mode and try to adjust the sensitivities

Playing in proper sensitivity according to your comfort will help you a lot in targeting and aiming your opponent. Try to adjust the sensitivities according to your needs. This plays an important role in making you a pro player.

11. Use Proper Scopes

If you have a good scope like 6x or 8x then try to find a sniper where you can use it effectively. Don't use small scopes in sniper and DMR's as they are not effective. Use appropriate scopes according to circumstances and also use the proper attachment for your guns.

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