Download PUBG Gfx Tool & Config Files for 60FPS (Smooth, HDR)

Are you searching for the best Pubg gfx and config files so that you can get 60fps? If yes then you are in the right place.

If your device is low end and you can not play Pubg mobile smoothly on your device then this article might be helpful to you. We will be sharing all the best config files that are available to bring you the most smooth gameplay on your device.

Being a Pubg mobile player, a device is the most important thing to decide your skills and gameplay, having a poor device often leads to an early death.

There are lots of methods to increase performance, but we have discussed that we think are the best.

1. Using the GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile

Using gfx you can improve your Pubg mobile performance to a great extent. By default Pubg mobile allows minimal settings to users to low-end devices. You can not change the texture qualities, so it makes difficult to run on old devices. But with the gfx tool, you can easily change every setting of Pubg mobile.

There are a few advantages of using gfx tool some of them are:

1. Improves Performance

It improves your Pubg mobile games to a huge extent, you can decrease or increase resolution according to your device screen size. You can also set FPS to Extreme, Ultra, High or Low.

2. Saves battery 

It saves your battery life by decreasing texture quality and other settings. Now you can play Pubg on your mobile for a longer period of time.

2. Using Config Files for PUBG Mobile

It is also a great way to drastically increase fps and gaming experience your device. You can edit the UserCustom.ini and replace it with your new settings.  We have provided the best config files to increase fps to 60 fps with low graphics. 

[UserCustom DeviceProfile] +CVars=0B572C0A1C0B280C1815100D002A1C0D0D10171E4449 +CVars=0B572C0A1C0B2A11181D160E2A0E100D1A114448 +CVars=0B572A11181D160E280C1815100D004449 +CVars=0B5734161B10151C3A16170D1C170D2A1A18151C3F181A0D160B4449574F +CVars=0B57292C3B3E353D2B4448 +CVars=0B57292C3B3E3D1C0F101A1C3F292A35160E444F49 +CVars=0B57292C3B3E3D1C0F101A1C3F292A34101D444F49 +CVars=0B57292C3B3E3D1C0F101A1C3F292A31101E11444F49 +CVars=0B57292C3B3E3D1C0F101A1C3F292A313D2B444F49 +CVars=0B5734161B10151C313D2B44495749 +CVars=0B5734161B10151C572A1A1C171C3A1615160B3F160B14180D44495749 +CVars=0B572C0A1C0B313D2B2A1C0D0D10171E444B +CVars=0B57383A3C2A2A0D00151C4448 +CVars=0B572C0A1C0B342A38382A1C0D0D10171E4449 +CVars=0B573D1C1F180C150D3F1C180D0C0B1C5738170D10381510180A10171E44495749 +CVars=0B5734161B10151C342A383844495749 +CVars=0B57342A38383A160C170D44495749 +CVars=0B5734180D1C0B101815280C1815100D00351C0F1C154449 +CVars=0B572A11181D160E573418013A2A342B1C0A16150C0D101617444D +CVars=0B572A11181D160E573A2A345734180134161B10151C3A180A1A181D1C0A444B +CVars=0B572A11181D160E573D100A0D18171A1C2A1A18151C4449 +CVars=0B5734161B10151C573D00171814101A361B131C1A0D2A11181D160E4449 +CVars=0B572A0D180D101A341C0A1135363D3D100A0D18171A1C2A1A18151C4448574A +CVars=1F161510181E1C5735363D3D100A0D18171A1C2A1A18151C4449574F +CVars=0B573D1C0D18101534161D1C4449 +CVars=0B572A0D0B1C181410171E57291616152A10031C444B4949 +CVars=0B573C14100D0D1C0B2A09180E172B180D1C2A1A18151C4449574C +CVars=0B5729180B0D101A151C35363D3B10180A444B +CVars=0B5734161B10151C370C143D00171814101A291610170D35101E110D0A4449 +CVars=0B573D1C090D11361F3F101C151D280C1815100D004449 +CVars=0B572B1C1F0B181A0D101617280C1815100D004449 +CVars=1F161510181E1C5734101735363D4449 +CVars=0B573418013817100A160D0B160900444D +CVars=0B57292C3B3E2F1C0B0A101617444C +CVars=0B5734161B10151C573C180B15002329180A0A4448 +CVars=0B5734161B10151C2A101409151C2A11181D1C0B4449

You will get a lot of config files available on the internet. This has a Colorful style with Extreme FPS.

Change from the destination, Android> Data> com.tencent.ig> Files> UE4Game> ShadowTrackerExtra> ShadowTrackerExtra> Saved> Config> Android>  and edit UserCustom.ini

Replace this from the original codes and restart your game.

3. Using Active.sav

This is the best alternative if you have a decent device you can easily archive 60 FPS on your device using Active.sav file. You just need to replace the existing file with the new file that we have provided. 


I hope you like the article and it might be helpful for you. We have discussed all the ways you can use to increase your fps to 60FPS on low-end devices. The best method we personally like is Active.sav method, it has low chances of getting banned and the gfx tool decreases the texture quality which we personally don't link. However, if your device is very old you should go for the GFX Tool.


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